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To better understand who we are it may be helpful to know where we have come from.  In January of 2000, a group of 30 college students and 20-somethings came together with a desire to create a community committed to passionately loving God, each other, and the world. 


A Friday night gathering, with the sole purpose of worshipping and studying the Bible together was started and after not too long, small groups began, community-building activities were initiated and a handful of people traveled overseas on missions. Today the dozens have become hundreds, and though we’re a bit bigger theMILL continues to be marked with the same passions.


GOD: Everything begins with, is sustained by and ends with God, so our goal is to know Him intimately and serve him wholeheartedly. The primary way we do this is by being obedient to His ways and bending our lives around His truth.


COMMUNITY: The environment in which God designed for us to grow is in relationship with others, and it is in being the people of God that we become like His son, Jesus.


MISSION: As a result of our love for God we cannot help but embrace and join His rescue plan for the world.  So we desire to spend our lives spreading the fame of God to our neighbors - both near and far.

We are so grateful for God’s faithfulness to our community and look forward to what lies ahead.

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