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What is theMILL?
theMILL is an interdenominational community at New Life Church of college students and 20-somethings in the Colorado Springs area who meet together on Friday nights at 7pm with the intent of bending their lives around God. 

What does “theMILL” stand for?
Absolutely nothing – seriously. We get asked this question all the time and it was simply a random name that everyone liked.
When does theMILL meet?
theMILL meets year-round, every Friday night in the Theater at New Life Church at 7pm.

What do Friday nights look like?
Each Friday night includes worship led by Bri Giles and theMILL band and a talk by theMILL pastor, Daniel Grothe. Many people come early for free coffee and bagels. The service concludes by 9pm.

Do I have to attend New Life Church to go to theMILL?
No.  You will find young adults from all over Colorado at theMILL.

Is there an age limit at theMILL?

While there is not an age requirement, most people at theMILL are typically between 18 and 30.

How do I find out more about theMILL and get involved?
Check out the ‘community’ section of the website for avenues to plug in, or visit the Info table at theMILL on Friday nights.  Anyone is also welcome to attend our monthly Welcome Shindig.  The Welcome Shindig is an opportunity to meet other newcomers, ask questions and get information on other ways to connect.  Shindig is held the first Friday of every month after theMILL at the back of the room.

Where can I find a specific song that you've played at theMILL?
Most of the songs played at theMILL can be found online. However if you have trouble finding it, or it is an original song that you are interested in, please email Adam Meliski at AMeliski@newlifechurch.org. 

How can I join theMILL band?

As our band is comprised of a few, consistent musicians, the need seldom arises to add new players. If you would like to be involved in serving on a worship team at New Life, you are welcome to participate in annual New Life Church band and choir auditions. For more information, please email: band@newlifechurch.org

How can I volunteer at theMILL?

The easiest way to volunteer at theMILL is by joining our leadership team.  You can pick up an application on a Friday night at the Info Desk. 

Can I promote my event / ministry at theMILL?

Because we strive to be focused and simple, we typically do not promote events, specific ministries, or causes at theMILL.  We have found that it is impossible to grant all requests of this kind and we find it difficult to promote some and not others.  We ask that you honor this decision by refraining from passing out flyers in the lobby or parking lot or by placing materials on cars or chairs.  You are welcome to post flyers or information on theMILL Community board found in the lobby of theMILL every Friday night.

How can I hear previous messages from theMILL?

Every week the message from theMILL is available as a podcast (audio and video) (link to podcast). We do our best to get podcasts posted within a few days. 

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