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A love for all nations seems to be hard-wired into theMILL’s DNA. It started with two teams traveling to Europe in 2001. Since then, we have lived with Berber families in the Atlas mountains, performed hip-hop concerts in Morocco, taught English in China, prayer-walked in Pakistan and Tibet, trekked through Nepal, and come alongside East Africans through orphan projects.

Etched into our hearts are the individuals we have met. Check out this video from the trips we took in the summer of 2010.

We believe that every follower of Christ should go overseas at least once in their lifetime to spread the fame of God and to catch His heart for the people of the world. We partner with New Life Church Global Ministries to help people in our community find trips that fit their needs. 

Not only are we are called to go beyond the borders of the United States, but to also be salt and light in our community. We have seen the beauty of individuals extending a hand and the power of joining our collective resources to help the hurting.

Here are just a couple stories of what theMILL has done.

For ongoin projects and to learn more about ways you can get involved in Colorado Springs, please contact New Life Church's Local Ministries

As we travel the world together, some in our community are stirred to return to these places – sometimes for a few months, sometimes for a year, or sometimes even for life. With your help, theMILL is able to support members of our community living overseas. A portion of donations to theMILL are dedicated to long-term missionaries.

Jacob & Noelle Goodlin, long-term missionaries serving in Cambodia.
Learn more about their journey by visiting

You can donate to short-term, long-term or local missions online. In order to donate you will be asked to create an account to ensure that your contribution is tax-deductible.  After doing so, select MILL Missions from the “Fund” drop-down menu, then choose the individual to whom you are donating from the “Sub-Fund” drop-down menu of names.

Click here to donate

New Life Church will issue a tax-deductible receipt in the beginning of the year following your gift.

Thank you for supporting theMILL outreach efforts and partnering with us to spread the fame of God around the world.
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